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​Hawaii, USA, Japan, Swiss, Australia, Czech republic

​Lōkahi Lomilomi Instructors


​Becoming an Instructor


As The Poʻo Or Head Of Hale Ola, Hawaiian Healing Institute, One Of My Responsibilities (Kuleana) Is To Certify Instructors (Kumu) In Our Styles Of Healing Arts. For Lōkahi Lomilomi, We Have Three Tracks Of Experience And Training Which We Consider.



The First Track Is For Instructors Of Ohana Lomilomi. This Level Of Training And Expertise Is Ideal For Family Or Community Programs Of Self-Care And Family Care. This Approach Emphasizes Management Of Chronic, Inflammatory Conditions (Pain, Swelling, Color Change Of Skin, Change Of Skin Temperature, Loss Of Movement/Function) Using Lomilomi.

Each Cultural Experience In This Form Of Health Care And Healing Is An Important Element In This Learning Track.



The Second Track Is For Instructors Of Levels 1, 2, Or 3. This Track Is Evaluated Rigorously To Ensure That Instructors Are Capable Of Providing Vocational Training To Future Practitioners Of Lōkahi Lomilomi. This Clinical Approach Emphasizes A Professional Management Of Patients Who Are Seeking Care For Chronic, Inflammatory Complaints And Disorders.

Personal And Cultural Training Are Deepened During This Pathway Toward Mastery.



The Third Track Is For Experienced Instructors (Master Level) Who Satisfy Stringent Requirements For HLA (Hawaiian Lomilomi Association) Membership. An Extended Apprenticeship (Kakoʻo) Or Assistant (Alakaʻi) Period Of Study And Service Is A Part Of The Lomilomi Tradition.

Lōkahi Lomilomi​ Instructors

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